Critic Roles

Community-based Organizations

Community Based Organizations across all sectors face unique challenges.

CBOs work hard to support people made vulnerable by poverty, mental health, addiction and inequality. They do hard but important work. They are struggling to meet the growing need in our communities without enough support. Burnout on the frontlines is real. CBOs often serve populations made vulnerable due to historical inequalities, poverty, addiction and mental health challenges without sufficient resources and the Sask Party government’s funding model precludes the kind of long-term planning necessary for organizations to make a lasting impact. Meara believes that a combination of greater accountability and transparency, together with smarter and better resourcing would begin to address the problems that affect the CBO sector. She has been vocal in supporting the calls of CBOs to provide sufficient wages and a multi-sectoral labour strategy to ensure the work of CBOs is sustainable and high quality.

If you have a question or concern about a Community-based organization, whether you’re a staff member or service user, feel free to reach out to Meara.