Critic Roles

Early Learning / Childcare

After signing the bilateral early learning and childcare agreement with the Federal Government, the Sask Party government was quick to announce $10/day daycare, but slow to expand access. This has mean that the promise of affordable childcare has become a reality for only some, and certainly not all.

The work of building out the infrastructure needed to support this important advancement is key and Meara is concerned the window of opportunity is closing. The sector continues to wait on a labour strategy and too many parents simply can’t find a spot for their child.

We are well into the lifespan of the agreement, and the Sask Party government is nowhere near creating the 28,000 new spaces it committed to under the Act. $10/day daycare has to be more than a flashy headline. Meara will continue to advocate for affordable, high quality early learning in recognition that the aged 0-5 window is crucial to ensuring Saskatchewan kids get a good start in life. As a parent to young kids herself, she understands what is at stake.

For too long, the work of early learning and childcare has been undervalued and underpaid. Key to building a high quality, affordable childcare system that is sustainable will be to address the concerns of the sector, tackle recruitment and retention of childcare workers, and expand spots so that high quality childcare is accessible to all.