Critic Roles

Ethics and Democracy

As Ethics and Democracy critic, Meara has focused on government waste, conflict of interest issues, and a lack of transparency through the freedom of information system under this Sask Part government. When elected, the Sask Party government committed to being the most open and transparent government in Saskatchewan history. But increasing, they appear to be the opposite. Since Scott Moe became Premier, fees charged for Freedom of Information estimates have gone up from $130,200 in 2018-2019 to over 2.4 Million in 2022-2023. This has resulted in fewer requests being pursued.

This past year, Meara also worked to expose the fact that two hotels financially connected to Sask Party MLA Gary Grewal were inflating rates when the Ministry of Social Services picked up the tab. Over $220,470 was paid out to a hotel Mr. Grewal owns last year and another hotel from which he earns an income is charging the highest nightly rates to the Ministry compared to any other hotel across the province. All while homelessness is growing as a result of Sask Party government’s failed housing policies. This has meant that hotel expenditures have tripled since 2018 from 1.2 Million per year to 3.1 Million.