In the Community

From the streets to the courts to the legislature

Guided by the principle that we all do better when we remember we’re in this together, Meara has worked as a tireless advocate for some of Canada’s most vulnerable. Her work at Legal Aid brought her into contact with the people of Regina Elphinstone Centre during some of their toughest moments. She eventually felt that individual advocacy wasn’t enough. The entrenched issues she was witnessing inspired her to take her fight from the courts to the legislature to fight for the bigger changes we need.

Meara believes we all do better when we remember we’re in this together

Before running for office, Meara worked as a trial lawyer and public defender with Legal Aid Saskatchewan where she fought for low-income people opposite the Crown or the Ministry of Social Services. She has appeared at every level of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada. Her passion for public interest law took her to Toronto, where she honed her legal chops before returning to her hometown to be closer to family and start one of her own. She is committed to giving back to the community that built her up and supported her all her life.