In the Legislature

A strong representative for the people of Regina Elphinstone-Centre

Since being elected in 2020, Meara has been a strong representative for the people of her riding. She found a natural fit in the NDP, which closely mirrored the values she fought for all of her career. Meara is the official critic for the Ministry of Social Services, Housing, Early Learning and Childcare, Ethics and Democracy, the Provincial Capital Commission, francophone affairs, Community-Based Organizations, as well as Associate critic for Education. This has allowed her to focus on many of the issues that impact her constituency and many other communities across the province.

Meara has always been a strong believer that increased participation and bold measures to ensure we can all make ends meet and have our dignity recognized and respected are smart fiscal policy.

Fighting for a resilient and prosperous Saskatchewan

Too often, politicians focus on the narrow election cycle, rather than on the long term thinking that is required to ensure a resilient and prosperous Saskatchewan for generations to come. Meara also believes in ambitious measures to combat climate change. These measures must support workers in hard-hit industries, while tapping into Saskatchewan’s tremendous renewable potential. Now more than ever, Saskatchewan must lead in renewable energy instead of continuing to fall further behind.