Meet Meara

Standing with her community

Meara Conway was elected MLA for Regina Elphinstone-Centre in 2020. She is official opposition critic for Social Services, Housing, Human Rights, and Community-Based Organizations.

Meara is a public interest lawyer and community organizer. Throughout her career, she has fought for some of Canada’s most vulnerable. A public defender with Legal Aid, she was named one of Canadian Lawyer’s 25 Most Influential Lawyers of 2019 for her public interest work.

Meara began her career as a musician and remains a strong supporter of the arts. Motivated by her belief that all voices should be heard in places of power, she went on to study law and did civil and human rights work before returning to Regina to start a family and stand side-by-side with the community that supported her so much.

Fighting for the change we need

Meara lives with her family, Nick, a teacher, and their sons Llewelyn (Lew) and Éamon in the Cathedral neighbourhood where she grew up.

Meara has deep roots in Saskatchewan. Her grandparents grew up in rural Saskatchewan, and fought on the frontlines of the battle for medicare. Her mother was an early trailblazer for women’s reproductive rights and community-based medicine, and her father was an author and long-serving public-school trustee who taught her the value of standing with working people.

Meara is guided by the principle that workers should have a decent amount of the wealth they create, a say in the operation of the businesses they sustain, and that Saskatchewan should guarantee that all of its residents have their most basic needs met.

After returning to her hometown, Saskatchewan had been governed by the Sask Party for over a decade. Meara quickly realized the Saskatchewan she left was not the same Saskatchewan she had come back to. This spurred Meara into a career in politics aimed at fighting for the change we need.

The values that Meara inherited – values of social solidarity, compassion, hard work, and public service – are ones we must draw upon now to recover from a global pandemic, and ensure we build a prosperous, fair, and resilient Saskatchewan for generations to come.