Meet Sawyer

Sawyer is here to help

Sawyer Swan is Regina Elphinstone Centre’s Constituency Assistant. She will be your first contact when you reach out to the office for assistance or information.

Sawyer holds a degree in business administration from the University of Regina and is a passionate advocate for community building and reconciliation. Sawyer serves as the Indigenous President for the Saskatchewan NDP and runs a mean 10k. She lives with her fiancé, David.

Sawyer is a compassionate and dedicated advocate for the people of Regina Elphinstone Centre.

    We will fight for you

    Meara is committed to standing alongside the people Regina Elphinstone-Centre to advocate for you and to help you navigate systems that often aren’t built for you.

    When you elect a representative, you are choosing someone to represent you and fight for you. This means that your MLA can help you when you need assistance with any provincial matter, from income assistance to healthcare. Meara’s office can also connect you to the resources you need in your community.