Regina Elphinstone Centre

Our Riding

Regina Elphinstone Centre is among Saskatchewan’s most economically, socially, ethnically diverse ridings. We face unique challenges that demonstrate perhaps more than any other neighbourhood that the institutions of Saskatchewan work less and less for some, and not at all for others. The deep cracks that Covid-19 has exposed are apparent in our neighbourhood.

Our community is vibrant, engaged, and close-knit. Meara is honoured to represent this community in the legislature.

Regina Elphinstone Centre straddles Regina’s downtown, Cathedral and North Central areas.

Regina Elphinstone Centre encompasses 13th Ave, a beating heart and soul of Regina known for its local shops, artistic flare, and engaging community. We’re also home to Regina’s North Central area, which hosts a number of community-based organizations that strengthen and enrich the strong ties many have to our neighbourhood.